Welcome to New Beginnings Stable

Welcome to New Beginnings Stable

New Beginnings Stable is dedicated to building riders and horses to perform in the hunter arena. Riding lessons are given to build the riders ability to ride horses and even be able to teach their horses as well. It is important to bring the correct training to riders and build/rebuild the horses to be a team together. A rider can not perform without the understanding and training of how to ride the horse correctly. Every horse and rider deserve to be taught correctly to make it easy for both to perform and succeed in the hunter arena. Come be a part of the team that is dedicated to the correct way to ride and train.


Chloe enjoys her lessons with Liz and has been advancing well! Wonderful instructor and stables!

Suzanne H.CEOHouse of HeltonCanton, GA

She is an excellent teacher , trainer , and mentor and I have learned so much from her . i would recommend her to anybody who wants to ride English . She is great at what she does , and knows what she is doing !! Better than the other trainers I have worked with . Just an absolute enthusiastic and fun person to work with !

Avery N.Canton, GA

The BEST place ever!!!!!!!! My 2 boys have taken lessons from Ms. Hirsch and placed in 1st three times.

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