New Beginnings Stable has a unique outlook about horse shows: “it’s not about the ribbon but about how you as the rider feels you did and the ability to see the progress and growth available to you and your horse.” It’s always good to think that there is an opportunity to win, but it’s about the growth of the partnership between horse and rider. Once the rider understands that, then in a matter of time the winning of classes will show up.

Coaching – $100 for the weekend
Ride at horse show – Training – $15
Ride per Class – $10

Day Care – $50 per day
(includes feeding and cleaning stall,wrapping legs, & lunging)

Tack Cleaning – (Bridle/Saddle/Girth) – $15
Bathing – $15
Shipping –

  • Wills Park – $50
  • Conyers – $75
  • Out of Town – $1.00 per loaded mile

Grooming/ Tacking and Untacking – $10
Clipping –

  • Trim (Muzzle/Ears/Bridle/Legs) – $20
  • Mane Pull – $20
  • Both – $25
  • Body Clipping (Will vary according to Temperament and Size)
  • Horse starts at $100

Every horse and rider is to be presentable at the show, no horse is to leave for the show without a fresh clip and a bath, provided by the owner or paid to NBS for the assistance. Riders are required to have clean tack for every day of the show and show up with the correct attire for the show. No bright wraps or pads at horse show and rider is to wear a sleeved shirt tucked in with a belt.

Day care at the show is for the horse, not to be used to clean up after the rider. If the rider requires assistance with being cleaned up after, there will be a charge on the horse show invoice. Day care starts the second the trailer pulls out of the farm.

Invoices for the horse show will be available that following week or emailed. Payments for the horse show are due within two weeks of the invoice being submitted. Invoices will be posted with your name on it within the tack room.

Cancellation Policy: cancelling the horse show needs to be done a week before leaving for the horse show. If done after that time frame there will be a cancellation fee. If the horse comes up with an injury that prevents showing then cancellation fee will be adjusted.

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